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12-08-08 New Children's Book for Aspiring Pilots
11-25-08 New Calendar Celebrates Women's Aviation
11-11-08 New Company Caters to Feminine Flyers
Winter 2009 Forward in Flight, Quarterly Magazine of the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our WAHF members and friends."
Nov/Dec 2009 Aviation for Women, Women in Aviation, International Magazine, "Claire Bear's First Solo"
12-16-09 AVweb, "...a 2010 calendar from Powder Puff Pilot celebrates "This Day in Women's Aviation" for $14.95"
12-13-09 Golf Hotel Whiskey, "Calendar Celebrates the History of Women in Aviation"
12-11-09 AOPA Online, "Women in Aviation Calendar Available"
12-01-09 Pacific Flyer Magazine, "Women in Aviation Calendar Available"
Oct 2009 Pacific Flyer Magazine, "Claire Bear For The Kids"
10-23-09 AOPA ePilot Blog, "Pink Headsets from Powder Puff Pilot"
7-20-09 You Fly, Girl Blog, "Powder Puff Pilot Unveils Second Children's Picture Book"
Mar-Apr 2009 99 News, "Book Review Claire Bear Presents... The Pilot Alphabet"
06-2009 Flying Magazine, "Powder Puff Pilot Caters to Women"
04-2009 Plane & Pilot Magazine, April 2009 Readback "Children's Book for Future Pilots"
Spring 2009 Forward in Flight, Quarterly Magazine of the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame, "Phonetic Alphabet for Kids"
03-2009 Fly-Low, "Powder Puff Pilot Products"
03-2009 Foghorn, Bay Cities Chapter 99 Newsletter, "Feminine Flyer Gear"
02-11-09 Winged Victory, Women in Aviation Web Magazine, "Claire Bear's first Solo"
Jan 2009 Flightlink, "New Company Thinks 'Pink'"
Jan 2009 AOPA Pilot Magazine, "A women's aviation company started"
12-2008 Pacific Flyer, "New Calendar for Women Pilots Features Female Accomplishments"
11-24-08 General Aviation News, "New Calendar Celebrates Women's Aviation"
11-19-08 Flyer GA News, "New Online Store for Feminine Pilots"
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