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10-19-2011 Powder Puff Pilot Releases New Aviation Book for Children
9-19-2011 Pilot Pioneer Emily Warner Honored
03-24-11 JA Air Center Partners with Powder Puff Pilot
03-17-11 Powder Puff Pilot Wins All-Star Award
02-10-11 Release of Pioneer Mechanics in Aviation
10-16-10 Claire Bear Aviation Books Win National Recognition
05-21-10 A WASP Homecoming for Two Denver-Area Residents
03-19-10 Feminine-Friendly Gear Brightens Cockpits
01-27-10 New Greeting Card Line for Pilots
12-09-09 2010 Calendar Celebrates the History of Women in Aviation
10-20-09 Aviation Book for Children Wins National Recognition
10-13-09 Pink Headsets Appeal to a Pilot’s Inner Princess
07-21-09 Powder Puff Pilot Unveils Second Children’s Picture Book
06-30-09 Women's Air Race Classic Announces Winners
06-16-09 Local Pilots to Compete in Women’s Air Race
06-11-09 Women's Air Race Draws Local Pilots
06-04-09 Powder Puff Pilot Announces Scholarship Winner
04-13-09 Powder Puff Pilot Sponsors Future Women Pilots
02-10-09 Appearances Scheduled for Powder Puff Pilot
04-14-09 Summer Camp
06-04-09 Wings Scholarship Winner
10-28-2011 AOPA Online, ′Clair Bear′ adventures teach kids about aviation
10-21-2011 EAA e-Hotline, Children′s Aviation Books
Aug 2011 August Fly Low - Pearl
03-05-11 Amazing Prizes Offered by 100% Women-Friendly Sponsors
Dec-13-2010 Aviation Presents for Children
Dec 2010 This Day in Women's Aviation
Dec 2010 More Fascinating Women in Aviation
Nov 23, 2010 New & Unusual Christmas Gifts for Pilots & Aviation Enthusiasts
Nov-Dec 2010 Crosswind Chatter "Sue Hughes and Historical Women Pilots"
Sep 2010 Archetypal Images Newsletter "BTTC Now Available At National Air & Space Museum & Others"
Oct 2010 Crosswind Chatter "November Presentation"
Jun-Jul 2010 Powered Sport Flying Magazine "Powder Puff Pilot Debuts New picture Book for Aspiring Aviators"
Jun 10 Plane & Pilot Readback "Sitting Pretty"
Jun 7, 2010 General Aviation News "Keep your home airport close to your heart – literally"
04-12-10 Women In Aviation, International Connect, "Girls Take Flight Event a Success in Florida"
Mar 2010 Plane & Pilot Magazine, "Brighten Up Your Cockpit"
Mar 10 Ahart Aviation Services, "Powder Puff Pilots?"
02-12-10 Plane News, "Top Authors featured at WAI Conference"
02-10 CPA Flightlines, "Welcome New Corporate Member Powder Puff Pilot!"
01-28-10 General Aviation News, "Top Authors featured at WAI Conference"
Jan/Feb 2010 Aviation for Women
01-10-10 January 10 Crosswind Chatter
01-10-10 Fly-Low Publications
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