Claire Bear Flies to Oshkosh

Written by Sue Hughes
Illustrated by Linda Terentiak

Claire Bear flies to Oshkosh

Claire Bear Flies to Oshkosh is the fourth in a series of picture books starring Claire Bear, a pink-clad aerobatic performer and mentor for aspiring young pilots.

In this adventure, Claire is excited to receive an invitation to perform at the annual EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin—the world’s biggest celebration of all things aviation.

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Claire experiences the vast array of aircraft and aviation fans who visit Oshkosh each summer, and then performs an excilerating aerobatic performance. This softcover book’s bright, colorful illustrations and lyrical rhymes will delight children from 3 to 8.

Published by Powder Puff Pilot, 8 by 8 inches, softcover, 44 pages, full color illustrations

 I have enjoyed reading your book with boy/girl twins. They love the illustration and as they get older I am sure they will love the story as well. I love being able to share my love for aviation with them through your book. 

– Todd McClamroch,

 This is awesome! 

– Trevor Janz, EAA Senior Business Relations Manager

 It is a total delight 

– Kris Baumgartner, EAA Assistant Buyer/Distribution Center Manage

 The new CLAIRE BEAR book is a hit! CB in Oshkosh -- what a lot of fun. Love the new artist. Keep it up. 

Nick Spark, producer of the Legend of Pancho Barnes

 I just unpacked CB's new adventure yesterday, and it looks terrific! 

– Tom Rubin, AEROPhoenix, an aviation wholesale distributor

 Grandpa (me) and Father (my son) are pilots and hopefully someday our granddaughter joins the ranks. She loves flying with her dad so I am sure she will enjoy this book. 

– Frank S, North Carolina

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