Claire Bear's First Solo

Written by Sue Hughes
Illustrated by Wang DaiYu of International Illustrators

Claire Bear's First Solo

In this, the second in the Claire Bear series, the pink-clad acrobatic pilot (Urus Aviatrix) remembers her first solo—a day she'll never forget. When her mother, who is also her flight instructor, determined she was ready, Claire felt both excited and just a bit scared. Summoning all her knowledge and skill, Claire successfully mastered her first solo takeoff and landing as her family and friends cheered her on.

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Claire Bear’s First Solo was named a finalist for the National Finalist for the national Best Book 2010 Awards in the Children's Picture Book: Softcover Fiction category. Read more here.

 It's more important than ever to have good role models from an early age - whether it be real pilots or fiction pilots. Here's a book for little kids that provides such a role model. Even if it is a bear! 

- Cathy Gale, writer and creator of You Fly, Girl blog

 My granddaughter enjoyed the Claire Bear solo book! So did I!!! 

- Sarah Rickman, WASP biographer

 My 7 year old granddaughter, also named Claire, was absolutely enthralled with "Claire Bear's First Solo". She immediately insisted on reading the book aloud to us and subsequently acted out a trip around the traffic pattern flying a pillow around the living room including a landing (on hands and knees on the floor) ending in a turnoff on A-9 (Grandpa's lap). She was naturally full of questions and I was able to show her the "Master Switch" on a C-172 panel poster I had in my study.

Wang DaiYu's drawings are both beautiful and technically accurate, and really capture the essence of flight. As a pilot since 1951, even I enjoyed the book, and I do hope it gets the message across that flying is not just a male thing. I was indoctrinated early as my first flight in an airplane in 1948 was with a woman pilot. My first flight instructor that same year was also a woman, a time when I'm sure the percentage of female pilots was even lower than today.  

- Don H, Aurora, Colorado

 I got… my 7 year old daughter to read me Claire [Bear]'s First Solo this morning. It really is a delightful book. Your use of actual pilot words was interesting, both for being new words for my daughter and serving to open up discussion about real aviation topics. The "Three Charlie Bravo" bit was also a nice lead in to your second book [The Pilot Alphabet].

You have captured beautifully, I think, the aviation solo experience in a way which promotes discussion with the kids, and the artwork is beautiful. Too many books for kids seem to disappoint with regard to containing actual real-world material (being "cuted-up" beyond recognition). Yours did not... the blend of kid-friendly style and actual things of interest to an aviator was stylish and refreshing. I think it is a book we can re-read a few times, delving into deeper discussions about the various unfamiliar words.  

-Doug Worrall, airline pilot and cartoonist

 I liked the list of definitions in the back of the [Claire Bear’s] First Solo book. . . we went back after we read the book, and I pointed out all of the different words to [my daughter] during the story, so she understood what they were.  

-Toula M, Connecticut

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