Homer the Helicopter

By Julie Buscher

Illustrated by C.M. Rogers

Homer the Helicopter
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Homer the Helicopter $12.95

Jennie, Hank, Baldazar and Elsa invite children and grownups to jump on board the quick-silver-streak 'copter for an enchanted and thrilling adventure. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a joy ride!

What would it be like to freely soar through an azure blue sky and dive into cotton-candy clouds, while all the time trying to match a spirited eagle's spectacular tactics, especially if you could fly with no fear over a chasm as deep and rugged as the Grand Canyon? Well come along with Homer, a little mischievous 'copter, grow up beside him, and share his misadventures in a comical and suspenseful tale as you dangerously frolic among the treacherous cliffs of the Canyon. You'll be challenged while being taught by ace pilots Hank and Jennie, and have fun cavorting with Homer's nemesis, the cocky eagle Baldazar. Then let your imagination run wild as you decide what future adventures you'll share with the loveable, daring 'copter.

A 72-page, high-quality chapter book with 20 color illustrations, Homer the Helicopter is suitable for 5- to 10-year olds. It’s useful as a hand-up book for parents to read to small children to help improve their vocabulary and understanding of the English language. This educational, aviation-oriented tale even teaches youngsters how to pilot a helicopter! Each soft-cover copy is personally signed by the author.

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