Flying Rocks Babywear

Since babies can't talk, we have to say it for them!

Flying Rocks Onesie

Our Flying Rocks onesie is a short-sleeve one-piece that proclaims your favorite baby's affinity for aviation, if even they don't yet know it. This 65-35% blend comes in blue, pink, and yellow in four sizes:

  • 0-3 mo
  • 3-6 mo
  • 6-12 mo
  • 12-18 mo
Item Color Size Price  
Onesie $9.95
Flying Rocks Onesie

Our 2-ply Flying Rocks bib with Velcro closure comes in white with your choice of blue, pink, or yellow trim. It's made in the USA of 100% cotton and protects 7 by 7.75 inches of real estate. One size.

Item Trim Color Price  
Bib $7.95

Buy our matching Flying Rocks set for a $2 discount!

Item Color Size Price  
Onesie and Bib $15.95