Headsets for Dogs

Mutt Muffs, for Canine Cargo

Mutt Muffs

Yes, Headsets for Dogs!

At long last, your best friend can now enjoy full-spectrum noise reduction with comfortable and lightweight Mutt Muffs®! By reducing harmful cockpit noise, this over-the-head hearing protection makes flying more enjoyable for your faithful canine copilot or passenger.

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Mutt Muff - Black  Mutt Muff - Pink  Mutt Muff - Blue  Mutt Muff - Red 
Item Sizes Price  
Muff Mutts - Black $64.95
Muff Mutts - Pink $74.95
Muff Mutts - Blue $74.95
Muff Mutts - Red $74.95

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And Mutt Muffs aren't just for flying! They diminish loud noises for sensitive ears in nearly all environments: lawn mowers, speedboats, vacuum cleaners, thunder… you get the idea. Mutt Muffs come in standard black or—for a small extra charge—pink, blue, or red.

Here are the details:

  • Specially designed wide, foam-filled ear seals for maximum comfort
  • Comfortable and lightweight (1.5 to 5.8 oz)
  • Adjustable straps for optimum fit
  • Engineered to properly meet the curvature of your dog's head
Always supervise your dog while wearing Mutt Muffs. Be extra careful outdoors or in any situation where the inability of your dog to hear might present a safety risk.

  Loved it! Thanks to Mutt Muffs!!! It was a very curious ride. She's a very loving, patient gal—about 10—and we weren't sure how she'd do. She batted the muffs off outside the plane, but really seemed to understand that they were good for her; never touched them during the 2+ hour ride and 3 landings. Might sound a tad over the edge, but she actually seemed to smile the entire time.  

- Bob R.

Dog Wearing Mutt Muffs