Aspiring Aviatrix's Logbook

Aspiring Aviatrix Pink Cover

In response to customer requests for a little pilot's logbook for girls, Powder Puff Pilot brings you the Aspiring Aviatrix's Logbook.

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Aspiring Aviatrix's Logbook $29.95

This logbook-scrapbook hybrid documents a youngster's early flying experiences. Its removable, cardstock pages record their First Flight Plan, First Pilot Report, and a flight log. It also has pages for listing favorite pilots, future aspirations, thoughts and quotes about flying, photos, and drawings.

Here's a sampling of inside pages:(Click on each image to resize)

Aspiring Aviatrix Intro Page
Aspiring Aviatrix Flight Plan Page
Aspiring Aviatrix Quotes Page
Aspiring Aviatrix Other Pilots Page
Aspiring Aviatrix Notes Page
Aspiring Aviatrix Postflight Briefing Page
Aspiring Aviatrix Flight Log Page 1
Aspiring Aviatrix Flight Log Page 2
Aspiring Aviatrix Future Aspirations Page

Just in case you don't have an aspiring aviatrix, there's a version for aspiring aviators, too. For the cover, choose from a variety of colors: pink, green, and blue.

Published by Powder Puff Pilot, 20 pages, 8 by 8 inches each.