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Elise Watch Models

After a year of gathering input from women all over the world to find the ultimate traveling watch, The Abingdon Company presents the Elise.

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The Elise elegantly combines three time zones onto one face, making your life easier when traveling abroad. The first time zone is Greenwich Mean Time, for flight planning purposes. The second time zone is your local time and the third, found on a bi-directional rotating bezel, is local time for wherever you are in the world. Easy as that.

The Elise offers three styles with your choice of 24K Egyptian Gold, 24K Tahitian Two-Tone, or Athenian Silver. Its featured Rhonda movement is proven in the watch industry as a reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use. Credit its sapphire hardened crystal with durability that withstands rough handling.

The Elise also includes super-luminous hands, a date box, and a hint of genuine mother of pearl on the dial. With a case that measure 1.2 inches wide (31 mm) by 1.5-inches high (37-mm), and a 0.6-inch wide (14 mm) band, the Elise is the smallest in Abingdon's watch collection.

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