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Since only 6% of pilots are women, does that mean pilot gear can't be pretty? We didn't think so either.

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Turbo the Flying Dog
Turbo the Flying Dog
Luggage Tag
My First Airplane
FLY GIRL Keychain
Luggage Tag
My First Airplane
FLY GIRL Keychain
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  The emotions you experience as you bring your aircraft to the parking place and turn off the engine are nothing less than what great conquerors feel when they storm the gates of a fortress. And you have the right to feel that way. For you too are a conqueror who has just conquered the skies...  

- Nezihe Viranyali, one of Turkey’s first aviatrixes (2004)

 I love Powder Puff. I am getting a commercial helicopter license and am one of a handful of girls at the university. I can't tell you how many compliments I have received (mostly from men!) on my pink logbook alone. 

- Victoria M, California

 Thanks for doing what you do to promote aviation among women. My 17 year old niece has flown in my airplanes since she was little and I do my best to keep her interest growing! 

- Ed A, Wisconsin

 I recently became a private pilot. My daughter is six and I want nothing more, but to expose her to science and the fun of flying. She is having a blast. 

- Hilary W, Washington

 Thanks for the great concept and products for women pilots. It's nice to see, and really unique. 

- Alicja G, Alberta, Canada

 LOVE what you are doing here! Love your attitude and your products and your site! THANK YOU! (from a new SEL female pilot) 

- Fiona H, California

 I'm loving the pink! My instructor thinks it's odd, but I tell him he will never forget me because of it! 

- Christy W, Virginia

 Thanks for making being a female pilot fun! 

- Mary M, Michigan

 Your site is really super cute. I love it!! You have done a wonderful job and have made many people happy. I love the pink. : ) 

- Katie R, North Carolina

 My two Granddaughters love your stuff. 

- Billy C, Tennessee

 Thank you so much for keeping informed and connected all of us who are interested in promoting the wonderful women of the sky. Your website is a visual and informational treat. 

- Ann C, Ohio

 So nice to see more and more books and clothes oriented towards aviation for girls. I wrote in an earlier post friends and family often bought my son aviation clothes but did not for my daughter. I have had to correct them all. 

- Todd M, Ohio

 I just think this is such as wonderful thing. I enjoy showing off the 'girly' things. Thanks for the wonderful items for women pilots. 

- Debra B, West Virginia