Claire Bear Explains… What Pilots Fly

Written by Sue Hughes
Illustrated by Wang DaiYu of International Illustrators

Claire Bear Explains… What Pilots Fly

Claire Bear Explains… What Pilots Fly is the third in a series of picture books starring Claire Bear, a pink clad aerobatic performer and mentor for aspiring young pilots.

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When a young girl asks theaccomplished aviatrix what she flies, Claire takes the opportunity to teach her the wide range of aircraft and missions that pilots fly—from gliders skimming along air currents, to medevac aircraft transporting patients, to aerial refuelers.

Finalist Seal

The many facets of aviation are presented with lyrical rhymes and bright, colorful illustrations that children from 3 to 8 will adore.

Published by Powder Puff Pilot, softcover, full color illustrations, 48 pages

What Pilots Fly was named a finalist for the National Finalist for the national Best Book 2010 Awards in the Children's Picture Book: Softcover Fiction category. Read more here.

Claire Bear Explains

 My grandchildren love the [Claire Bear] books. They are adorable, great job! 

- Claire F,

 The Claire Bear book I bought from you with all the different kinds of planes in it is a big hit with my daughter and my son! They love the pictures of all the airplanes. Liza loves the bi-plane and Lincoln loves the helicopter. 

- Marie M,

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